Papers from the Planetary Natures conference

Conference papers

  1. Mega-events and the Resuscitation of Capitalism The Case of Expo 2015 in Milan by Daniela Danna.

  2. Wasting Time: Junk Bodies and Broken Bonds in the Capitalist World-Ecology by Michael Niblett.

  3. A Freitagian “exploration” of the World-Ecological Crisis: The Postmodern Ideological-Normative Crisis of the Symbolic relation to the “monde du vivant”  by Martin Samson.

  4. The Capitalocene, Coloniality and Theology: John Locke, British Colonial Expansion and World Ecology by Zahir Kohlia.

  5. Waste, Immiseration, and the Lure of Profitability in Late Capitalism by Michelle Yates.

  6. The Neoliberalization of Nature: The Highest Stage of Ecological Imperialism? by Mariko Frame.

  7. Energy as Abstract Social Nature by Larry Lohmann.


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